So you love them all but what will you do with all those beautiful photos?

The photo session is done and it wasn’t nearly as bad as you expected, in fact you even caught yourself laughing and having fun in the middle of it. The kids enjoyed themselves, and you didn’t have to tell them to smile once!

A couple of weeks later and it’s time to see your photos! You’re totally blown away and love them all! You were thinking it would be easy to pick just one or two but as soon as you see them you know you won’t be able to choose, you want them all!

But what will you do with so many beautiful photos?

Well here’s some inspiration to get you started…

The most obvious one of course is hang them on the wall. You could add them to your existing photo wall.

couch oconnors with 16x20 and four 8x10 cluster landscape

Wall clusters and collages look amazing and tell their own story.

couch fiona minnock with 16x20

Get your favourite one blown up really big, frame it and hang it over the couch.

Hall with 16x20 and two 8x10 cluster portrait

Family photos look fabulous anywhere in the house – above a stairway, in the entry, along a hallway. Stand one or two on easels on your tall boy or on a shelf in the kid’s rooms. Hang the ones of you and hubby above your bed.

vanessa fraser Hall with 16x20 and four 8x10 cluster landscape

So you’re all out of wall and shelf space! Who doesn’t love a coffee table book? And what better book than a photo album of your own family. 8×10 photographs are the perfect size for a coffee table album.

Hall with six 8x10 cluster portrait

Now you really can’t find space for even one more photo but there’s still a few left. They’re perfect as gifts. Frame them for the grandparents. Pop them in a folio of 2-4 photos that can stand on a mantelpiece. An album makes a beautiful and thoughtful gift.

I just might be a little biased but I don’t think you can ever have too many photos even if you do have to swap them around from time to time.

Better seen than languishing away on the computer. But that’s a whole new story in itself

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