2017 Moments that Matter

As the year comes to an end I can’t help looking back and reflecting on all the amazing people who have trusted me to take their photographs this year. Some of them have been friends for years, others I met more recently and some I met for the first time when they arrived at the studio for their photo session. Although it’s way too hard to select my favourites I really wanted to share a few of the fabulous moments I captured in 2017.

First up is this beautiful mum who won her mini makeover and photo experience. Her entry simply said “29 weeks pregnant with my second child and a bit of high blood pressure. Feeling more tired than beautiful at the moment”. These sessions make me so happy… taking a busy woman out of her everyday life for a little while, giving her something she rarely takes for herself – time out, a little pampering, the chance to sip a cuppa in silence or talk as much as she likes without interruption. And being able to show her how radiant she is even if she doesn’t always feel that way. I felt so honoured when Vanessa returned along with her family a couple of months later for photos with her new baby.

Next on the list is this innovative mum of 4, Rachel, who is a leader in her industry, marketing a high end skincare brand designed for busy working mums like herself. Her casual minimalist style means more time for work and play. This is what she had to say about her portrait session “when I approached Amanda I was looking for some professional images that would capture my true self and help me to continue my personal branding for my business. I absolutely loved the whole experience. As a busy mum of 4, I rarely take time out for ME. Having your hair and make up done makes you feel incredible and Amanda made me feel so comfortable in front of the camera. The images are perfect and I couldn’t be happier with the whole experience. Many thanks again Amanda xox”

And now for a major milestone. Married for 50 years this couple celebrated their golden wedding anniversary in 2017. Their daughters wanted to surprise them with something special to commemorate the occasion so they booked an extended family photo session. Still able to share love with just a look. I’m so glad I could capture this moment for them and give them beautiful portraits of the whole family!


Emily asked me to update her family photos earlier this year, returning in November for Christmas photos of her boys. This month she came back for her own session celebrating herself and the new life she is carrying. She told me it was the most fun she’d had in a long time and felt extra special getting her hair and makeup done. I can’t wait to see Emily and her family again in the new year for photos with their new baby who is due sometime next month.

The last thing I’m going to share today is my family and my story about avoiding the camera. After our baby was born I put off having family photos because life got busy, my daughter needed heart surgery, I needed to lose weight, my husband worked weekends, did I mention I needed to lose weight… there was just one excuse after the other until I realised she was nearly one and we did not have a proper family photo.

As a photographer who knows the importance of photos I was horrified at myself and I knew the real reason why we didn’t have photos was because I hated the way I look. So I took a deep breath and booked a photographer. I also vowed to get our family portrait updated every year from then on. Fast forward to 2017 and again my fear of being in front of the camera had taken over resulting in no updated photos since 2014. I knew I needed someone I could trust to take our photos so I enlisted the help of a very good photographer friend, Julie from Three Hearts Photography. Here are some of the beautiful moments she captured for us to look back on and remember forever.


Last but not least our amazingly beautiful and strong willed daughter celebrated her 4th birthday in May 2017.  There is certainly no shortage of photos of her in our household – the pros (and cons) of having a photographer for her mother!

Thank you to the wonderful families who are featured here as well as all the other amazing people I’ve had the pleasure to meet and photograph this year. I’m ever so grateful that you’ve been a part of my life and I’d like to wish you a safe and happy 2018.

There is lots in store for the new year including more themed sessions as well as some exciting outdoor locations. Stay up to date with what’s on offer plus your chance to win fabulous prizes by clicking here to GET ON OUR VIP LIST

Much love to you all, Amanda xox

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