So who is Amanda Meryle?

Well my full name is Amanda Meryle Stoneham and I’m a portrait photographer.

I can’t live without chocolate or books. I’m a wannabe writer who loves the colour purple. AKA Panda and mama to my rainbow baby girl. I also have a husband, 2 fur babies and 2 angel babies.

From childhood I always had a camera in my hand but it wasn’t until later in life I decided it was time to use it professionally. My photography career started with a scrapbook in 2004 after the loss of a very close friend. Photos took on a whole new meaning, a physical memory of special times. In 2010 my world was rocked once again when we lost mum to cancer. I realised that photos are much more than just a tangible memory, they actually link the generations. They are our legacy.

Without them our children and their children will lose a part of history they can never recapture. Without them we lose the final connection to our past.

Having your photos taken is just part of the big picture. They need to be printed and up on the wall or in an album and not at risk of being lost in cyberspace, or destroyed when your smart phone has a technical glitch like mine did. I cringe when I think of all the photos I have stored on floppy disks that I can no longer access because technology is changing so fast.

In 2015 I opened my own home studio in Macleod (not far from Melbourne) where I create portraits that are fun, fabulous & forever!

To find out more or book your own portrait session contact me today via the contact form.