Personal Branding versus Portrait Sessions – what is the difference?

So you’ve heard both terms talked about but not sure what they actually mean.

We are all unique and different when it comes to clothes and style and it’s the same with photographs and how we wish to present ourselves. It’s important to know what you are actually getting when choosing a photographer so here is a snapshot of my Personal Branding and Portrait Sessions and what each of them involves.

First off I’d like to say that all our sessions are about YOU looking and feeling fabulous. All sessions share the same end goal of you walking away with photographs that you love. The difference is the way we achieve this and how the resulting photographs are packaged.



Portrait sessions have a celebrity air about them. They are studio sessions with guided posing and focus on bringing out your personality and inner self. Although it sounds a bit contradictory they are also fun and friendly to ensure you feel safe and comfortable. Our professional makeup artist will work her magic to enhance your natural features. Portrait photographs show your uniqueness and who you truly are. We style the session especially for you and it doesn’t have to be all glamourous. If casual is what you want then that’s what we do; if intimate lingerie (boudoir) is more your thing we love that too. You choose from prints, wall art or albums so you can treasure the special feeling you get from your session forever.


Personal Branding sessions are also posed, but in a more candid way. They can be in the studio, on location or a mix of both. The structure for this type of session comes from the story you want to share. It could be you and your family doing something you love or it could be a day in your work place showing what you do. We use a behind the scenes style approach so people can get to know the ‘real’ you without feeling like you’ve staged a show. You have the option of using our professional makeup artist (she really is amazing!) and we plan the session in advance so you get a variety of photos that perfectly fit your brand. You can choose from a digital package, look book or slideshow to help build your presence, both on and offline.



Our sessions have the flexibility of adding family members, friends or even clients to the mix, just let us know when you book or during the planning session so we can allow for this and it’s doesn’t cause any delay during the session itself.



Do you have questions or comments?

Does this sound like something you’d love to do?

Is there some other way you think we could work together?

Whatever it is I’d love to hear from you. Comment here, message or call me to connect.

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