Cake Smash – the 3 year old way

For whatever reason we missed having a cake smash session for our daughter’s first birthday. Of course being a photographer I really LOVE cake smash sessions so when it got to Samantha’s 3rd birthday I decided they weren’t just for one year olds!

So here’s the 3 year old version of a cake smash starting with…

The Cake….


Singing happy birthday and blowing out the candle


That first sweet taste


Eating all the butterflies


And then there were no more butterflies


“Can I please have a knife”


The cutting of the cake


“Now I need plates”


Cake is served!


Let’s eat!


So there may not have been the same amount of mess as a one year old makes but it was just as much fun!


So if you were like us and missed that first birthday it’s never too late!

In fact later this month I’ll be photographing a 50th Cake ‘Smash’ Session

I can’t wait to see what that looks like!

For your chance to win a Photo Session & Collage sign up today at

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